HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and Serenity Wellness Program Community Meeting Newsletter

Serenity Wellness Community Program

Featuring The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Cleansing System©



Our community "Meet-Ups" will be hosted at different locations, from an apartment complex community room, to churches, schools and mid size businesses.
~Our team will travel~

Viewing of the HBO documentary
“Weight of the Nation”
 6 Week Intense Cleansing
Partial AGENDA

Phase I Class-14 days
Your body’s oil change and selecting premium fuel:
“Understanding the Colon Cleansing Process”

Official weigh -ins
Acid/Alkaline testing for digestion
 (10) Weight loss and wellness Myths  
Meal planning and proper nutrition
Instructor: Michelle Edmonds

Phase II  Class-14 days
Wiring and transmission corrosion:
“Intestinal parasites and yeast”
Instructors: Michelle Edmonds and/
Serenity Health Mentor

Phase III Class-14 days
Cleaning the filters without replacing the car :
“Gallbladder and Liver Toxicity”
Instructors: Michelle Edmonds and/
Serenity Health Mentor

Featuring new products including 
Dr. Wallach's Mineral and Vitamin Formulas

Watch this clip of Dr. Joel  Wallach speaking at 
World Changer's Church , Atlanta, GA
Introduced by Dr. Creflor Dollar

Dear Friend of Serenity,

We are  excited to invite you to start a 
 local community

  Weight Loss and Wellness Community Program 

 Sample  of a current class   in Georgia

Nutrition and 
Internal Detoxification Class Schedule

Phase I May 19, 2012 
Phase II June 2, 2012
Phase III June 16, 2012
2-3:00 p.m.
$39.00 pre-registration fee

Healthy Protein Shakes
3:00-3:30 p.m.
based on
Serenity Cafe's "Juice Man" recipe*

*(Delicious, creamy, low fat, non- dairy)

Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed

~Celebrating our 20th year
Our Motto: Detox Your Mind 
or the Fat will come Back

Watch this slide share about 
underlying causes of overeating, not eating and  weight loss plateaus

Author of Dead Doctor's Don't Lie
Need an Intake form?

Leave a message @
(678) 278 9478, ext 1
Subject: Intake Form


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