OK someone called my bluff,  and it's on now! They asked:  "how come I never report my weight". So, here is my Wednesday-April 24, 2013 update:

For all meals thus far today:   I had pollock (deep water fish) , smothered in cajun seasoning, with stewed tomatoes, onions, and  green peppers  . 
I arose  @ 6:30 a.m
Meal times: 7:30 a.m.   
9 :30 a.m  

My weight report: 110.6 
Height 5'3"

Now you do the same. Send meals thus far for today, height and BMI.  

No one can say  your nutritionist is not  practicing what she preaches.  If you want a full length  picture, then you send me one, and we can compare that too=-O 

We will pin photos @ http://pinterest.com/serenityweight/successful-team-members-dream-board/. In fact, every team member's head shot at least, should be on this board anyway. You are right; no more secrets. If you want me out, we all come out! That means I should start seeing head shots, with the amount of weight released, under your picture and  posted on our team board, starting today right?!!

Don't force  me to do an "Eddie Long" on you and pose in my speedos! It's on now



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