"SAVE YOUR LIFE" with testimonials| and educational informaton on our weekly team calls

Save your Life:  with testimonials 
 from our weekly team calls

Every Monday 7:30  p.m. EST
530 881-1400 Access: 591 178#

Save Your life: with information 
from our team of medical experts

Dr. Glidden-Weight Problem and Nutrition

Dr. Joel Wallach on Nutrition and Obesity
1991 Nobel Prize Nominee

Cure for Cancer|High Blood Pressure|Cardiovascular Disease

Save Your Life: with superior liquid nutraceticals
from our Distributor

"As a member of one of the largest 
churches in the U.S, I noted that the owners of 
Organo Gold, 
Mary Kay and Herbal Life,  
never spoke from the pulpit of my church.   
I decided to find out why. It was a no "brainer". 
Serenity now  proudly incorporates  
Dr. Wallach's products  exclusively. 
This is the first time we have made such a commitment 
since our founding in 1992, in Hempstead, NY." 
Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. 
Sr. Nutritionist|Founder
Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Joel Wallach, Co-Founder of Youngevity, with 
Dr. Creflo Dollar
World Changers Church International
September, 2011

DR. Joel Wallach and Martin Luther King III

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