Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed.
Sr. Nutritionist |Founder|Author  
The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program©, 1992
The SERENITY CHALLENGE©  (Wellness program for adults)
The JOSHUA Project© (obesity program for children)
Eat right, lose weight and should a medical challenge occur, favor non-drug medical solutions. A simple equation.   Why then do so many beautiful, awesomely talented men and women,  allow themselves  to remain overweight?  Why do they continue to medicate blood pressure while prayin’,  wishin’ and hopin’   “borderline” diabetes won’t crossover?!  I decided to write these questions in a grant, named it THE SERENITY CHALLENGE© and pitched it to several angel investors. Apparently they had the same questions for all of you, since it was approved!
The SERENITY CHALLENGE©,  is the first grant-funded, nationwide wellness initiative  in the country. Services are offered thru The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program©; a NY corporation, formed in 1992.  Eligible participants may enroll for  just an out-of-pocket co-pay of $10.00   The enrollment fee provides a free lifetime product ordering site, which may be used at anytime. Wellness coaching is offered completely online, via social media and teleconferencing. The program is a fun, fast-paced 14 day experience with no-hype, no dieting and plenty of results. Ninety percent of all participants release 10 lbs or more during the first 14 days; 76% continue.
Eligibility criteria include:  First time Serenity program member; male or female; 30+ yrs of age; 200 lbs or more. This nationwide initiative seeks to alleviate high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, renal (kidney) and prostate disease.Thus, eligible applicants will also have one or more of these conditions.


The  SERENITY CHALLENGE  is based on a  3-point wellness model:
  • Garbage-Out or Detox:  Gentle elimination of toxins from the body via the colon and kidneys. Find out what simple grocery store  items can be used.

  • Garbage-In or Change the way you eat:  Learn  how to minimize or avoid the 4  most harmful food groups.

  • Restore and Repair: Just as one would rebuild a transmission on a car, it is imperative that we replenish the body with the required “Mighty 90” . Don’t know what the “mighty 90 are”? Join the challenge and find out.

Enrollment process:

Contact Serenity’s home office  at (404) 445-8579 for your  intake interview, which will take about 15-20 minutes. Michelle Edmonds, (program director)  will   ask basic medical information, including your weight.  While the intake interview is a Q & A over the phone, the $10.00 enrollment is done online. Ms. Edmonds will be glad to do this for you to save you time,  or for the more computer savvy, you be provided the link, for self processing.

Michelle Edmonds is an entrepreneur in  Public Health ​ and Social Justice.  As a public speaker and writer topics include, “Serenity’s Top 7 Fat Habits©", “The Politics of Weight Loss©”, “Detox your Mind or the Fat will Come Back©” and “The Weight of Anger©”. A magna cum laude undergraduate, Ms. Edmonds also holds two master’s degrees and received her doctoral training from  Columbia University, in counseling psychology and adult education.

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