Republished April 18, 2017

Hello All- Just sharing some secrets for fighting infections, inflammation and viruses. As a prior health food store owner, we recall how we would sell out of goldenseal too, because even drug addicts have learned that it is so effective that it can remove traces of illegal drugs from the urine. Now while I certainly don't recommend it for this purpose, it is noteworthy that if a drug addict knows about goldenseal, surely you should be able to use it to head off colds and virus! I even use at the first sign of a dental infection. What you may not realize or remember is that all pain has at it's root infection of some kind, unless a sports injury or something like that. So if you suffer from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis or other medical challenges ailment like that, this is still your go-to herb combination.

Thus, in my humble but accurate opinion (lol) , no kitchen should be without these herbs in both forms. They are a little pricy, so buy a small amount to store in advance of need.

Michelle Edmonds
A/K/A/ "The GodMother"

Extract form,
especially good for travel

Echinacea and Golden Seal 
Loose, bulk herb

This tea is so effective it can replace antibiotics, especially tooth infections, cold, flu, vaginal,  sinus infections. Remember, many times pain is from an infection, so check explore that possibility with your physician

Drink (1)  8 oz cup of hot tea 2x's -day, for 7 days, then (1) daily for next 14 days. Save the remainder of herb in your cabinet as you would any  tradition standby medication. 

Make by the pot (Each batch may last up to 10 days, without adding additional herb) After that time, batch will have gotten too weak and you should discard and start a fresh batch

To a Dutch Oven (the size pot you would use for making spaghetti)
(32) ounces of water
(4) ounces of Echinacea
(4) ounces of Goldenseal powder

Simmer 20 minutes cover and use directly from the pot.

Add 8 ounce cup of fresh water each time a cup of tea is removed. Pour tea from the through a small strainer and simply poor slowly into the cup. Echinacea root and goldenseal powder may be swallowed, as long as can tolerate. 

Available at most local family~owned  health food stores

Echinacea Angustifolia Root, cut and sifted 
is the most potent
To order this herb from Amazon, click @:

Goldenseal Root powder

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Echinacea Root Whole

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