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Hello Team

As always,  when we transition from one season to the next, instructions for your wellness program must rotate; it is one way that we do not allow the  body to get accustomed to the detoxification  component of your program and essentially go to sleep on us!

Newbies: Use the  Simple Red Juice Blood Cleansing Recipe with TANGY TANGERINE  vitamins added

Seasoned Serenity Team members: Use the Red Juice Recipe,  add or finish your  GOJI BERRIES, and add the vitamins as indicated on the recipe above

TIP: A Meal Replacement Smoothie does not qualify as a meal unless it contains TANGY TANGERINE or HERBAL RAINFOREST (see below) at the  minimum. Otherwise, ship these and continue solid food meals throughout the day. In general, the few ingredients you try to economize, the more likely the smoothie will not satisfy you

Don't forget, sprinkle 1/2 scoop of your TANGY into the fiber; it dramatically improves the taste 

Open your free account here: If you think you might want to build an organization, please use the "Distributor" option. You will maximize commissions. While this is not our primary purpose, don't leave $$$  on the table. We  teach the importance of multiple revenue streams on our radio broadcast LIVING with SERENITY (see more below)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please also order from each other, because the person who referred you will receive 30% off of YOUR 1st order in commissions, mailed directly to them. Likewise, the same will happen for you. Really cool deal!!  Ask the person who referred you for their Youngevity website 

PROGRAM FLEXIBILITY: You may SKIP meal replacement Smoothies if you are too busy, or you want to streamline purchases or you are just not into  all that juicing. I get it!. In this case, the DOSE is:  (1) scoop of the TANGY TANGERINE, (See Orange juice recipe #2) in a glass of water, 10-12 ounces, room temperature  A.M. and P.M are done

Why are nutritional supplements 
so important in your program?

Cause & Cure of Obesity- Dr. Peter Glidden

Bare minimum
TANGY Tangerine (55.00)
Herbal Rainforest  
(already liquid form) 
($30.00-price increase may have occurred after this blog post)

This is a must if you have high blood pressure

This product is a must if you are diabetic

Item #21014
Contains chromium, vanadium, and supportive herbs 
to nutritionally regulate blood sugar levels


Dr. Peter Glidden - Diabetes, Weight-loss, Allergies

Team~ we also use these HEALTHY START PACKS

I personally use the standard pack
BTT 2.0
Item # 10252
This pack will satisfy all that you need to make your meal 
replacement smoothies as well, however, while meal replacement smoothies 
are not a lifetime item, multiple vitamins should be. Please do not stop 
prematurely, unless for the short time while you are waiting for your refill 
to arrive. Otherwise, extended  breaks will cause ravenous cravings

Kit #1

(primary multiple vitamin formula) 
is excellent for children because most people find it yummy
If you do not like the sweetish~tartness, 
then consider the original formula in the blue canister on your next order 
(see below)

Kit #2

Item 10253
We use this pack most often for those starting at over 250lbs

Preferred customer price $189.00. The fat burner A.S.A.P is pricey but effective. It is a homeopathic, protein~based formula
Economy Original Formula 
( Can be used for Juice Recipe #2,) Item # 23221
Contains a case of Majestic Eart Minerals, blended with Vitamins. This comes as a great tasting powder, that is added to water. It is like kool ade. $55.00


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