Cinnamon as Treatment for Diabetes? Like trying to kill a lion with a sling shot!

Cinnamon as Treatment for Diabetes? Like trying to kill a lion with a sling shot!

by Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed
Sr. Nutritionist @ Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program
November 14, 2013 at 3:24pm
People are absolutley correct to search non-drug cures for medical challenges, over prescription drugs. However,  the use of cinnamon is like using a sling shot in a jungle. You might hit and kill a bird or two, but the real enemy is the lion who stalks te diabetic, mostly at night. The lion may feel the hit of the sling shot, but it will feel like a pebble. The  cruel truth is: Diabetics are prone to  insatiable cravings,  especially in the evening. Sluggin' orange juice like water, is another habit of diabetics. Go figure! And you thought OJ was healthy; it actually has less vitamin C than a tomato.

Blood sugar is measured by A1C score. Check your most recent lab work. It should be below 5.0. If it is above 5.5, you are diabetic. Period. Not borderline. It is better to say that you are newly diagnosed, but not "borderline". If you do not know this score, ask. Call your doctor right now and say,  your nutritionist told you to find out.

Solution: Instead of a sling shot, hit this problem hard. Change the other "co-morbidity" factors. That is a fancy medical term for the other things that you are doing to create the problem. The primary factor is obesity and the cause of obesity is consumption of the obvious bad food. However,  we have learned that many of you are unknowingly eating poorly, due to media confusion.

For example, will ya'll quit the oatmeal already! LOL . Your body wants a high quality protein meal to start the day. Ask any body builder . Then ask us we  we recommend for diabetes on our next team call. Mark your calendar now

Sling shot
Sling shot!

Factors contributing to Diabetes
The other animals in the jungle! LOL

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