PALEO Lifestyle : May I have Sweet Potato?

By Michelle Edmonds,  M.A., M.Ed.
Sr. Nutritionist|Author| Co-Founder
Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program
Originally posted: April, 2013

Aaahh...... the sweet potato question. This question is controversial, even among PALEO devotees. "In my humble, but accurate opinion", here it goes:

1, During WHITE SHEET eating-NO sweet potatoes, since we all agreed we are doing "modified" PALEO eating, to promote weight loss .

2. We use WHITE SHEET eating intermittently throughout the  program, even after the 1st 14 days, if we want to hit this "hard and heavy" to quote one of our super stars

3. Serenity's BLUE SHEET eating is standard PALEO, meaning whatever cave men did, you can do,  even if if as your coach, I do not personally practice the habit. One example is pork consumption. So as your coach, I too, must set my opinions aside . I do not want anyone to  say they are following SERENITY's meal plan; instead , please say, SERENITY  teaches  PALEO lifestyle,  along with use of herbs for healing, proper nutritional supplementation and detox.

4. By definition, PALEO includes only veggies that  can eaten raw. Therefore,  WHITE or SWEET potatoes must be excluded. The controversy lies in the fact that some  researchers say note that sweet potatoes do not have the same  toxic properties as WHITE potatoes.

BOTTOM LINE!!!: Common sense governs here: You cannot eat a sweet potato raw, thus by strict definition, it CANNOT be PALEO. HOWEVER, sweet potatoes  are a valuable veggie, that if added, I recommend doing so in  MODERATION, as long as you are NOT following WHITE sheet eating. Remember, WHITE SHEET eating is used during the aggressive stages of your weight loss journey. In other words, sweet potatoes  are an excellent cheat, because some researchers would say you are not 'cheating" at all.

5. When sweet potatoes are included, always consume during the most active time of your day, or before 5 p.m. 

6. I would not exceed more than one serving per day

FOR SERENITY's RECIPE BOARD of over 700 recipes click here.
 You will notice some recipes that contain sweet potatoes, 
but we will always post this caveat

Other sweet potato recipes that we love include:

Sweet potato spaghetti with salad and salmon


Sweet potatoes are east to digest and in the A.M. , 
provide extra fuel, that you will have time to burn-off
An especially nice breakfast is this
 Sweet potato" hash, eggs over easy or poached
and some cooked or raw spinach


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