LIFE COACHING notes following a real private intervention

Team member:         Female, age 42
Reason for the call:         Burning feelings after eating. I think it started about 2 weeks ago. 
Not sure..maybe three.  No weight loss, in fact a gain of .5 lbs. I never had acid reflux before
Current weight:              268 lbs, so a .5 lb gain is unsettling

Total released to date:   40 lbs
Total time on call:          1:55 minutes

Recommendation for tummy complaint: 
  • Follow an ACID REFLUX Protocol (indigestion, gas, poor digestion)
  • Then see psychological cause for tummy issues, below​

Meal Plans: 
Return to standard WHITE SHEET EATING~ 
Whenever you are consistently out of the zone and or having medical symptoms, always  get refocused by reeling yourself in and returning to WHITE SHEET. You have allowed yourself too much latitude

  1. Also return to  using Cave Man wraps-remember those ??!!!

2.   Use Serenity green veggie smoothies as the veggie , with a protein (without the Tangy Tangerine multiple|mineral formula,  it is not the Serenity Mean Green veggie Smoothie and thus, not a complete meal. Cravings or a ravenous appetite will soon follow, because you are lacking protein in your smoothie and insufficient vitamins and minerals)

3. Check that portions have not increased-Salad plate size only

Adding Cayenne in your Smoothies-you said your tummy was burning LOL
Whole Flaxseed-switch to ground flax

​*Ensure no tomatoes in Smoothies

Super Colon Cleanse daily (1) TBS in the P.M.
Bentonite (1) tsp 3x's day (when you can)
Osteo Fx -back in for 3 straight days, then return to every other day. 
ALSO, use the Calcium as you would Tums. When and if you feel the discomfort take a  capful of your Calcium, even if you already had a dose for the day
​Usually Calcium is taken at night, because it is also a mild sleep aid​

*​Denotes  not mentioned on the call, but I am adding ​the  point now.

Spiritual Psychological side
  1. Consider that stomach  problems represent  anxiety..fear of the new. I introduced the concept that you are anxious about reaching the 50-55 lbs released category. This was the  all time most amount released before and you regained all the weight back. This must have been a terrible disappointment, not to mention a major source of embarrassment and humiliation. Thus, the number holds both good and painful memories

You begin stalling your progress  at the 40 lbs mark as you wrestle with your fear​, 
 in an attempt to delay what you see as the  inevitable disappointment that will follow​, 
once the  goal​ is achieved


​~​FAT itself, also serves a purpose
 Fat is protection from a fear of intimacy. Thus, you might say that you want to get married, but never seem to find anyone. The truth is, you do not really want it. It could be that you did not have a good male role model at home in your father. And don't forget, many of us do not have good wife role models either; in other words we have moms who were good moms, but were not good wives. The main point  is this: Men are not the only ones who may come to the table lacking the right skills to make a relationship work. All men are not dogs and not all women are mature, ripe and ready!


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You might be thinking ; does weight loss take all this?   How come I did not know this before? does take all this, but most people, especially certain ethnic groups do not have access to therapy, private nutritionists or life coaches and never get to the root of the issue.

I hope you found this real life journal entry helpful-
Until next time
Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed

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