"I owned a retail, walk-in vitamin store. Within 5 years, it won the N.A.A.C.P Business of the Year Award|Long Island New York chapter. I personally, do not have to use Youngevity.  I CHOOSE TO."
Weight loss slows after day #15. Additionally, if you are very malnourished or taking medication, weight loss can slow down  sooner than Day #15, although in our experience, this is rare.

"Mal ~NOURISHED" : a shocking word to use for people who are carrying  too much weight. Everyone gets the term when it  is applied to so called "third world" countries, but when it comes to the good ol'e prosperous  USA, we listen with disbelief, as it seems confusing and contradictory. It does not occur to us that an  OVER ABUNDANCE of Twinkies and Starbucks coffee and all  nutritionally bankrupt foods, add nothing more than calories. Hence, this is why you can be overweight and  malnourished at the same time"
At first it responds to the drastic clean-up of  your diet, and of course to the detox. Then it starts searching for more, as if to say, "What else ya' got"? So, how come just eating a balanced  diet of fruit and veggies does not work? Because the vitamins and minerals are simply not in the food the way they  used to be,  due to soil depletion. Also, weight will also come back with a vengeance, if you stop taking proper nutrition, both as food AND as a supplement.

We like #Youngevity brand. I do not say that lightly. I use the products that I recommend, even though I am a prior retail, health food store owner. I still have my wholesale accounts, which places me in the unique position to promote whatever is best.  In my case, either way, I will personally pay wholesale prices.  Further,  consider this: Didn't your mother give you multiple vitamins?   According to data from the  intake interviews, 80%  stated that  not only did your mom give vitamins to you, 80% of  you gave them to your children as well. Here is a humorous side bar: 76% of you took the Fred Flintstones, brand of  multiple. Isn't that funny.! Back to Cave Men again LOL Were you a Fred Flintstones distributor?  Of course not. But if you can, and have an experienced person to help you, WHY NOT? You gave your children that brand because you heard they were the best and your primary motive was health. 
Our reason for choosing Youngevity is the same.

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Your coach,  during the days of retail store ownership
Serenity Health and Body Shoppe and Cafe, Hempstead, NY
If you look closely, you will see the large canisters of loose herbs behind me. We were known for carrying  a large selection of hard to find herbs, such as  Fenugreek (Methi), which  we have discussed on the team calls 
I still remember: Fenugreek was located on the 
3rd shelf down, 3rd from the left !

~Thank you again, 
to the many current team members
 who patronized our walk-in store; 
I remember so many of you~

Watch these two videos on nutrition and weight loss

We like to use the nutritional 
products to make 
This helps us to NOT forget to take our 
vitamins, because we 
drink the smoothies as a meal​ replacement

 The B12 Smoothie is NOT a requirement.
It is however, our best recommendation, 
 for the winter months or if you are looking for a SUPER  meal replacement


Consult your coach weekdays, except holidays
 10:00 ~ 1:00 p.m.EST for selection assistance

The B12 Smoothie
 will replace the 3 p.m. meal each day

Item # 23221


$20.00 per bottle #13203
This is Calcium
(tropical vanilla flavor-powdered)
Also will make the smoothie creamy
Required if over 40
Item #  USYG 103211

ITEM # Pj600
Grape is new and less expensive
Also in available in orange or Berry
Energy| mild fat appetite suppressant|
very high B12|immune system

Contains Vitamin D 2,000 IU and very high B12
One of the best "BRAIN" foods I have ever found on the market
ic formula
Item # USAD 500006

 Options, to fit your budget:

ALL  (3) items in COLUMN 2
The B12 Smoothie: All 5 items in Column 3

 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION from the distributor

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