Do You Need a Vacation?

GM Team~ I am taking time out to express my gratitude for the excellent work by ALL. To show our gratitude, I am excited to share this new program feature. And, I could use a vacation too!!

Eligibility: All past, current and future enrollees, regardless of where you are with your program or how much weight you have released. 

Purpose: Vacation~ Church fundraiser~ Your  personal program expenses~  

Fee Schedule:

  • Serenity Health and Wellness coaches receive $45.00 for every enrollment 
  • ALL  others  receive $20.00 for every enrollment. Just our way of saying thanks and letting you know that you are so appreciated. 

God Bless you all Michelle Edmonds, Call 404 445 8579 or send a text to your coach

Minimum enrollment of $90.00, which is $1.00 day for 3 months
Enrollment tracking via enrollment certification and use of social media
Payments are made electronically to you via Pay Pal, using your email address and show real time

No other requirements necessary

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