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GM Friends

I am so excited about the New Year and honored to kick it off with this HOUR~of~POWER with a line-up of the very best in the holistic, self-care, wellness industry. That includes my guest speaker tonight, Mark Denning, a registered nurse and long-time warrior in the wellness movement

Mr Denning and I have locked arms because we know that traditional medicine has been dissppointing. If you feel the same way, join us tonight or listen to the program on demand on You tube or at

Take action with this information ya'll. Stop getting information, taking notes and filing it away. Keep up the momentum after the broadcast and start the HOUR~of~POWER Broadcast Promo 14 Day detox. Order  your nutrition from the person that referred you to this broadcast, while you allow Serenity to coach you through the detox process.

Living with Serenity

Broadcast Promo
 14 Day 
Winter DETOX
Phase I
Process payment here

Description of the Entire Program
You may do the program in 
14 Day segments @ 
$25.00 each
or save money 
 and enroll for 90 days @ $90.00

 Each Seasonal Cleanse has 5 phase
and the cleanse is different for each season. 

For exmaple, did you know it is best to cleanse the Liver in the late Winter, so that it is ready to do it's work in the Spring, when it does most of the detoxification of the body?

(Phase I, 2 and 3)

 2 weeks (Phase 4)

2 weeks (Phase 5) 
   Please note that  the full body cleanse for the Spring, may be different from the Summer full body cleanse. In other words, phase II in the Summer, will be different from the Phase II, Fall Cleanse. 

THE SERENITY CHALLENGE, is the first two weeks of your program, where we challenge you to take us up on our promise to help you release 10 lbs ormore during your first 14 days. 90% of our team meets this challenge. 
~Focus for PHASE I~
 ~Take the trash out~ 
Removing excess accumulated 
stool from your COLON

~Stop putting the trash in~: 
Change your diet

~Repair the body with liquid nutrition~

 basic multiple vitamin kit

Weight Loss Kit
Winter  DETOX Manual  (18 pages)
Completion of  your ENROLLMENT
will trigger receipt of the manual via email

The guide details items that are
purchased LOCALLY
costing about $25.00



Our primary distributor for our nutrition is YOUNGEVITY

We use these formualtions because 
 they are superior to any that I have seen and I am a prior health food store owner

(For a pic of Dr. Joel Wallach, owner of YOUNGEVITY ,
 see pic above-right side, standing with Mr. Mark Denning)

~PHASE III and beyond~
Schedule provided during your program

WEIGHT challenges are the result of
nutritional deficiencies (malnutrition) caused by:
1. BAD FOOD (empty calories)
2. No food (meal skipping or the absence of)
3. Pregnancy
5. Insufficient intake of Vitamins and Mineral

Have questions about Serenity's HOUR~of~POWER 14 DAY Detox CHALLENGE?
or hit me up at FB/serenityweightlossanddetoxificationprogram
or self schedule an intake appointment here:  

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