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Marceline Smith 
of Florida
listen to this  touching radio broadcast, 
as I reflect on 23 years of "ministry"  at the Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program, which I started with my husband, Harry Edmonds in  September 1992.

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~"Its' not about perfection...
it's about LOVING people, FAITH and  FAMILY". 

Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed.
 Wellness and Life Coach

People frequently ask: How are we different and what makes us so successful? How did we  survive tremendous economic challenges, stock market crashes, real estate market going bust, Wall Street scandals, a near economic depression, and fierce competition in an industry now known as the "OBESITY EPIDEMIC"?   Even Carly Fiorina  recently reminded us during the Republican debates that even Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy 4x's!! . 
So  one might  ask: How does a little African~American couple start a small business debt~free,  situated in a lower middle income  neighborhood, in the suburbs of NY, survive for 23 years of continuous business?


  • We pray. Ironically, we do not believe that the customer is first or always right. We keep GOD first and believe GOD is the only one who is ALWAYS right.  This  belief has allowed us to take a bold stand and not fear speaking the truth. Be it against establishment truths about the obesity epidemic, what really causes weight gain and weight loss. In fact, it has earned me the nickname of the "drill sergeant".  The name is s funny and it's ok. 

  • We have fun. We keep JOY or eLATION in the program and we keep it interesting We believe people ENJOY learning new and factual  information, especially about their mind, body and spirit. 

  • We believe  the MIND, BODY and SPIRIT is connected and that a good program must address ALL 3. Therefore,  we lock arms and draw  energy from our connections with awesome pastors, spiritual leaders , Christian broadcasters, Christian and spiritual  magazines nationwide. 

  • We believe in FAITH, FAMILY and FINANCES, in that order. We ensure that we get  to know our customers, referring to them as family or team members. Because we see and love them as family, I get to enjoy people like Marceline Smith, of Florida. I first met Marceline as a slightly overweight new mommy in her 20's. Now 15 years later, and less than 60 days from her 40th birthday, I get to interview this beautiful sister, mother, wife, health advocate, certified crossfit instructor and testimony for the Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program.

 Pics of Marceline's  WELLNESS JOURNEY documented

For more information and background description on Serenity, click here

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