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Tip of the day: Procrastination

Sometimes, decision making can take too long. 
I have been guilty of that myself. This new program is exciting and priced for your quick decision, then you can make a smooth transition , into our 9 Day program but if you delay, then you defeat the purpose and the SPECIAL will be over 
Move Quickly. 

Our   SPECIAL 2016 SUMMER PROGRAM  is a fun, high energetic program, with structured coaching for  a wellness and weight loss challenge, based on Blood Type Eating. This new program will allow you to get your feet wet, test  out the program., while you learn a wealth of new information.

You will also receive:

1. (24)  Page downloadable Detox Manual
2. (1) pre-start  educational class on Blood Type eating AND Personality Theory
3. (1) Virtual Boot Camp detox class
4. Twice weekly weigh-ins and exclusive, private chat room feedback
5. Over 1,000 recipes from Serenity Cafe's recipe board
6. A chance to air your Testimony LIVE on Serenity Radio Network (SRN) . The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program sponsors Serenity Radio Network (SRN)  You will be able to  download a free copy of the broadcast where yu a featured , along with your team members, for keepsake,  as a lifetime reminder of your success story

Return at the end of your 14-day challenge and continue your wellness journey, by entering our standard program where you will learn and practice using:

-PALEO eating
-Seasonal cleaning for Liver and Parasite Detox , in the privacy of your home
-Herbs for healing
-Liquid nutrition to protect your health , so that you do not  waste your money on supplements that don't really work
-Gentle,  but effective Colon Cleansing techniques
-Super Food Meal Replacement Smoothies
-Fresh squeezed juicing the proper way

 The program director and author of the program is Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. Ms. Edmonds is affectionately  known as "The Godmother" of Wellness. A nutritionally trained counseling psychologist, she is a dynamic speaker in the area of  wellness and personal development. Ms. Edmonds is also the founding CEO for Serenity Radio Network (SRN);  a multicultural, empowerment  station connecting  the very best healing professionals for the integration of  MIND, BODY  and SPIRIT.

To hear an awesome testimony from Tracey of Australia healed from  liver cancer facilitated by the Eating for Blood Type Diet , click here 

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