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“Pretty in Pink” was the name of a movie ladies.
It does not work for your
man in the bedroom lol
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Now we have beautiful but EMPTY.
Maybe the problem is ladies we are focusing too much on decorating, without checking in on HIS heart's wishes and desires. What do you think? ‪#‎MARITALFORUM‬

This one is better
but now notice the dog  
Maybe your man doesn't like dogs
(or any animals)  
on the bed!! Did you ask?

This is exquisite. In fact, one of my favorites.
But the man's robe is empty.
Who did you decorate this for? A magazine phot op. 
YOUSELF or your man?

Awesome..really nice job.
Now take this picture to HIM and see what he thinks
Don't make assumptions, but use a a basis for conversation and to include him in the "nesting" activities. don't be offended if his reaction is lukewarm.

I personally think you got it on this one,
but you better ask

Now you are off your program!!
He didn't even ask you for this cake, so why is it here?
Did you forget the  sponsor of this FORUM is the
Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program?
So why would YOU even post such an evil picture as this LOL
You better repent and enroll~QUICK


If you missed it on nearly every pic then join us. They were all beautiful, but most were inviting you to look at what is wrong that picture
June 14 and June 21

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