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In today's blog post,  we are talking about a chapter from my upcoming book, Mind Detox 101: PANIC WEIGHT vs the GLASS CEILING. I am sharing real-life case examples from Mari, Judith and Renee to illustrate how one can use the program to enable the continued practice of making poor food management choices.

Nevertheless, this blog post is about team members who have done well, but have run into glitches that happen to so many on a similar journey.

Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed.
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Mari:  TOTAL WEIGHT RELEASED as of July 9, 2016~ 28.6 lbs Started Serenity January 4, 2016. A wonderful achievement. 

The GLASS CEILING  WEIGHT is identified by seeing what # keeps repeating itself. In Mari's  case we see the following:

March 19   250
March 23   250
March 26   249.2
April 2       249.2
April 6       249.2
April 6       247.8
June 22     252
June 29     249.2
July 2        248
July 6        248

The week of June 22 she panicked. Notice how quickly she corrected what whateverwas doing to cause a  significant gain in just 3 days. Most noteworthy is that the changes resulted  in one of her largest  between weigh-in releases:  2.8 lbs.

In theory, if Mari can  release almost 3 lbs. in one round, certainly she  should be able to expect to release  2 lbs. each week; a very realistic expectation based on Serenity's overall track record (see below) . The chart is based on weight loss rates since 1992.   If Mari had  released  just 2 lbs. per week x 24 weeks , she  would have weighed in @ 228 on  July 9, 2016.

Mari's  GLASS CEILING however is simply to remain below 250 and @  248- 249, she is right there. However, Mari's  stated healthy weight loss goal is on her initial  intake card is 175, so her coach  keeps pushing her. The problem is, it's NOT really her goal. And so, the battle is on. Serenity is  merely in her  life  to keep her from  GETTING BACK TO her PANIC WEIGHT of over 250. That makes her  motivation coming from negative energy. Mari is  using Serenity to AVOID something not to ACHIEVE something. That makes Serenity her  enabler.

"Negative goal energy is always weaker than positive goal energy"

Can you see that about Mari?  It is a little different spin on the same dynamic as Renee's case described next


Renee:  Total weight released 22.6 Started December 20, 2015

On July 9, 2016, Renee reported her weight as  177.4 . On the surface, not so bad, right? One could say what is the big deal?  Beside, the average lady who starts Serenity is 5'4" and weight 245. Reportedly, the average lady who starts Weight Watcher's is 180 and 5'5". In an attempt  to explain  her lackluster results, Renee accompanied her weight update with the following comments, !;

"I was house hunting and I cheated"
"I was on vacation, and I cheated"
"I did not go to the GYM and did not release"

The truth is, Renee has not been releasing very much in  over 3 months.
177.8 March 26;
177.5 April 20;
177.0 April 23
177.4  July 9, 2016

Renee is  only 5'5" and her healthy weight is about 140 -150 max. Therefore, she is  placing  25-30 lbs. more pressure on her  heart than it can carry

Look at the very tight range of weight updates again with me. This  is NOT an accident. Renee was advised to ensure that, 177 ISH  is not her glass ceiling. In other words: Is it the  weight that is really ok with her? The glass ceiling theory is saying that it is, although outwardly she may describe it as a "plateau". However, if it is her "glass ceiling" , then  she is actually using the program to KEEP HERSELF FROM GETTING BACK TO her  panic weight 180+. Once Renee is  under 180, she  seems to relax and feels that she has "room" to cheat, once again.

If any of you  are using the program to  KEEP YOUSELF FROM GETTING BACK TO YOUR PANIC WEIGHT , then you have made your weight loss program your ENABLER. The cycle is this: When you get to your glass ceiling, you are done with the program, although you may continue to pretend that you are frustrated that you have "plateaued", so you hang around.  The real problem is that  you have not detoxed your MIND and adjusted the way you think about weight.

~DETOX YOUR MIND or the Fat will Come Back~

Obesity or the state of being overweight, two  different  medical categories,  is NOT a cosmetic problem. Excess weight is always about your health; one is never "healthy" and overweight simultaneously. You might challenge this statement, thinking that you know  many overweight people who are not unhealthy. Correction: I suggest that what  you really mean is that you know many overweight people who are not SICK. The American Medical Association describes being overweight and obese as a "disease"; a designation made by this organization on  June 13, 2013. Thus, weight management is about your health and if you make health the priority, then there should be no such thing as  "glass ceiling" Does that makes sense ?


Judith:  Total weight released 17 lbs. Started: March 15, 2016

On July 9, 2016 Judith's weight stayed the same compared to the previous weigh and despite food transgressions. However, she proved to herself during this weigh-in that  some less than perfect eating per se, does not necessarily equate with gain weight.

However, for the purpose of this case study, we are more interested in her  rate of weight release. Notice how tightly Judith is holding her  weight RANGE. Although  there is a gradual release evident,  Judith's health weight goal is 140;  she is only 5'4". Check Judith's goal  against the BMI chart


May 7 166

May 11 166

May 19 167

June 4 168

June 8 168

June 11 167

June 15 167

June 18 167

June 25 164

June 29 164

July 2 163

July 6 163

As Judith  and I discussed, she probably has concerns about her wardrobe, which is very common.  She stated that if she were to get to her healthy goal weight of 140lbs.,  she would need to replace 80% of her wardrobe . This can certainly be cost prohibitive for many people and IF you don't trust your ability to keep the weight off, you may decide to simply install a glass ceiling in your home!..... OK, maybe not quite as elaborate as the beautiful one shown below, but a glass ceiling is a glass ceiling; it  prevents one from going too through and moving forward

Don't panic!

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