Coalition on Homelessness: A Fundraiser

The Coalition oHomelessness is dedicated to independent housing for Veterans, mentally and physically disabled, and individuals in recovery. As a Coalition collaborating and funding like-minded projects, we offer over 20 years of experience, with the targeted populations.


Under the leadership of Blossom Rogers, Safe Haven for Women, Inc., will break ground in Tuscaloosa. This project will serve 6 women in recovery from substance abuse, with plans for expansion to ATL in 2018. The land for the premier building has already been donated by Habitat for Humanity and is scheduled to break ground by June 2017.

The  founder   of From Under a Bridge, Inc., Blossom Rogers is a motivational speaker, author, and minister who speaks from her personal journey through homelessness journaled in her book, " From Under a Bridge" t7Qm307AXCD   . Her story shares her deliverance from crack and alcohol addiction which to her homeless status. Blossom has been seen on Dr. Creflo Dollar's talk show, “Changing Your World, Clean and Sober broadcast,  which first aired in 2016. For more information about Ms. Rogers, go to 


Michelle Edmonds is the prior owner of Wellness Retreats; the largest independent care facility for the homeless, between 2004-2009, with 10 independent care homes located in the Pittsburgh section of ATL.  Wellness Retreats serviced seniors, the mentally and physically disabled, Veterans and individuals in recovery.  A Columbia graduate, Michelle holds  two Master's in counseling psychology and education and doctoral training from Columbia University.  She is a prior substance abuse counselor and wellness coach. As a reporter for Serenity Radio Network (SRN), where she is also CEO and founder, Ms. Edmonds lived as a homeless person  in extended-stay hotels. The horrific 45 days ended  with the condemnation of the Magnolia Hotel, located on Old Dixie Highway, in Jonesboro, GA. Michelle’s journey will be documented  in her upcoming book entitled , Condemned: A Journey Through Homelessness which includes the results of interviews with 112 homeless men and 108 females. The condemnation and closing of the MAGNOLIA HOTEL was broadcast on Channel 11Alive news. jonesboro-hotel-condemned- deemed-imminent-danger-to- human-life/380269930 

 Beautiful Faces of Homelessness

"With more than 600,000 homeless individuals on any given night and 1,000,000 homeless students walk the halls of schools in the U.S., it's easy to believe the illusion of lack and limitation. What if homelessness is merely an out-pouring of hopelessness and fear, that to some extent, lies within us all? “, says Versandra Kennebrew, Coalition Participant

Atlanta resident, Versandra Kennebrew not only shared her personal journey through homelessness, but she left us with some inspiring nuggets for anyone to live by. To listen to Episode 2 of the Coalition on Homelessness, click @

Atlanta resident, Latarsha Holden believes life lessons are best learned by experience..... yours or someone else’s. She too,  was homeless and a walking statistic: a high-school drop-out, four kids by the age of twenty-two, welfare recipient, low self-esteem, mentally, verbally, and physically abused, while being homeless with six children. The predictable outcome was a life of poverty, dependency on welfare, uneducated and underemployed with little chance of success. Mountaintop is going from a GED to an Associate Degree, B.A., MBA and currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program.  LaTarsha Holden’s journey is documented in  No Longer Lost, which is the name of just one of her books, located @  

Few programs are truly making a difference and even fewer,  able to document their results. We believe we are making a verifiable difference  because we have learned the importance of collaboration and partnership, along with valuing real life experience that extends beyond academia. Fundraising efforts are aggressive and ongoing. We ask that you take a closer look at our programs and the plight of homelessness at large.  We need better resources, more housing, more care providers and  more day treatment programs. We ask for your help . 

 What can you do?

1. Come hear  these awesome ladies share their story in person  on February 25, 2017 
2. Stop by the event to purchase one or more copies of their books ~or~
3. Purchase one or more copies of their books on-line from
4. Donate if you can't attend. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be distributed to our    
~Program in the  Spotlight~
"Safe Haven for Women", 
founder, Blossom Rogers
and Coalition-sponsored housing  in the Atlanta area

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