Benefits of SPIRULINA in Medicinal Juice Tonics


Serenity's MEDICINAL JUICE TONICS are next in our Winter Solstice DETOX. I love these tonics, not only are they healthy, but they taste great because they are a little heartier than the more traditional fresh squeezed  veggie juices combos. 
I like to make in large batches and store in 16 oz mason jars
We post the  use and recipes  for these tonics for our team in the  Serenity Wellness Warriors chat room.
For today, we are having a conversation about the best brands
and benefits of this awesome super food

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Although both are considered superfoods, spirulina and chlorella differ in their nutritional content. The healthier of the two, spirulina contains more essential amino acids, iron, protein, B vitamins, and vitamins C, D and E. With that said, chlorella still holds an abundance of health benefits

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Klamath Blue Green Algae is a great t alternate, Spirulina is our primary ingredient. For the purposes of our medical Juice Tonics, stay away from the green grass supplements.

Starwest Botanicals Certified Organic Spirulina Powder, 1 Pound Bulk Bag
An  excellent  bulk brand that you might find at Whole Foods or a family~owned health food store

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I prefer
using the powdered form for easy absorption
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As I think about it, although  my 16 oz storage jars are the ones shown and labeled above, I actually like  the larger jars  because I personally  drink about 12- ounces  3x's day, so that one jar is a days' serving.


First of all, let's clarify again the difference between a juicer and a power blender, also known as  "food emulsifiers". Power Blenders  include these popular brands: NUTRI BULLET, NINJ or Montel William's "Living Well" blender, as shown below. Power Blenders DO NOT JUICE, they mash the food into very small particles, where you then need to add water to properly liquefy.  The truth is, they actually leave too much pulp and will cause weight gain and bloating. Although it may seem logical to consume the entire fruit and not throw any of the pulp away, the digestive tract is not designed to process  that much pulp; to put it simply, it is exhausting for your body to do so. Weight Loss and healing is bet done when a digestive tract is able to rest and not work so hard, because only then is your body able to absorb nutrients.

What does nutrient absorption  have to do with Weight Loss you may ask? Your craving are the by~product of being nutritionally deprived. In other words, you brain send craving signals when it is deficient in, let's say calcium. here's the kicker. Due to the diary content, both ice cream and mac N' cheese contain calcium, don't they? However, so does a liquid calcium supplement or the following veggies: 
  • Kale heads the list, by offering  a whopping 139mg per 100g serving of the vegetable
  • Collard green
  • Spinach
  • Kelp (Seaweed)
  • Broccoli
However,  when one has  a craving for ice cream, a person does not think to themselves, "Does my body need some calcium"? Of course not!! And so , in the absence of mindful eating, the cycle of satisfying cravings leads to frequent digressions and the weight comes  BACK with a vengeance.  Yes it is true that no one can rely on just supplements; we must  eat food. That's why I share lists of foods like the one above, that are abundant in certain nutrients.

However, by not maintaining the  well designed nutritional supplement regimen designed by your coach,  you  invite the cravings back with a vengeance. Then, in  your effort to absolve yourself of any guilt, you deceive yourself into thinking that you are having cravings because the "program" left you feeling deprived.  The "program" does not leave you with enough variety. However this is a deception.  The rapid weight RE~GAINING  is because you stopped a major component of the program thinking that  weight loss doesn't take all that. You actually may find some mild satisfaction in thinking that you got the weight of without buying anything or without buying and taking  most  of what your coach actually advised. You may actually feel a mild sense of empowerment by doing so; almost like you got over.

The TAKE AWAY : It takes all that your coach advised you to do  and then some. My advice to anyone attempting to release weight and keep it off successfully is this: Stop doing the program that works, then trying to continue on your own cheaply or BY YOUR OWN DESIGN. If you REGAIN, gladly pay the person who helped you and stop trying to skin a cat, sort to speak. 
  • You MUST DETOX   Treat your body like a car and change the oil, transmission fluid and get a tune up.  PERIOD.
  • You MUST EAT stop eating garbage and eat a healthy variety, juicing helps with absorption of nutrients from the food that we eat
  • You must take nutritionally supplements, because even when we eat perfectly, the food simply does not have all of what we need. In fact, the quality is going down  

  • HealthMaster Elite Food Emulsifier, Fruit and Vegetable Blender by Montel Williams-Black & Stainless Steel

    Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System
    These are some of our personal picks. Great price, good juicing and durable.

    Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer SilverFirst choice if you think  that you will continue to juice for a minute. This is the most durable andvery easy clean-up
    Jack Lalanne's 100th Anniversary Fusion Juicer SLH90Jack LaLanne

    Juiceman JM400 Juiceman Jr. 2-Speed Electric Juicer

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