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December 7, 2017
Hello All:
We are wrapping up our Fall Cleanse where we focused on Leaky Gut and Liver Detox. During the final days of 2017, I would like to end the year with two activities:
A PRAYER VIGIL for HEALING  2018 Winter Juice Cleanse

How to participate??
To participate in the Prayer Vigil, click on this link to RSVP.
You will participate in the privacy of your home. The prayer vigil is for one hour. The prayer vigil will be done by the current Serenity Wellness Warriors (whom are all ministers in their own way and who work directly with me as their coach)  In concert, we will lift you or your loved one and place them on the altar. You simply provide the name of the person you want us to pray for, their specific illness and we will do the rest.  

How Should you Eat? Remember, Faith without works is dead. So that means you need to DO something that you do not ordinarily do on the day that you have chosen to partic…

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