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Stress Eating ~Part I: Psychological|Emotional Stuff

April 18, 2017

We had what I hope was an insightful broadcast on Stress Eating  April 18, 2017. One of the concepts that was mentioned is the concept of EMOTIONAL UNAVAILABILITY, which we have discussed as a separate topic on prior broadcasts. I would like to pause just for a moment to  clarify this concept.  I  am saying that every person with chronic weight challenges  is emotionally unavailable. But before we can truly understand the connection between Stress Eating and Emotional Unavailability, we must first  understand what the term EMOTIONAL UNAVAILABLE truly means.

The term Emotional Unavailability, in my humble but accurate opinion is  rooted in Stage 6 of the theory put forth by Erik Erikson;  a world renowned psychologist who put forth the theory of the  8 Stages of PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT
While Erikson was targeting between 18- 35-40 year olds, he is saying that many of us get stuck in one of these stages. An  "Emotionally Unavailable" person  is stuck…

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