Juicing for Weight Loss and Detox: RED VEGGIE JUICE SMOOTHIE as a Meal Replacement

Good Morning Team
updated 11/11/2015
For the 14 Day Fall 2015 Parasite Cleanse Program

I just finished making this glass of RED veggie juice smoothie as my meal replacement. This batch does not contain the  ULTIMATE YOUTH. I ran out of that ingredient yesterday.

This is just under 24 oz
The orange color is from my (1) scoop of the multiple vitamin, TANGY TANGERINE
(see below-I like the Citrus-Peach Fusion best, but others like the original formula in the blue canister. You may want to experiment with your next order

I like to prepare my ingredients at one time.

I actually washed these before placing in the fridge, 
because sometimes I am busy and I like being able to grab and start slicing right away. 
Every step , no matter how small, can be a great time saver

 About 1/2 teaspoon has been mixed  into the juice through the blender, (NOT THE JUICER) after the juice is made.  I  sprinkled a few CHIA seeds on top, so you can see that they are included in my juice. The slight foamy look is from the CHIA SEEDS. Again, the total amount of liquid is about 24 ounces. I will sip on this between now and noon, when I will have my next mini meal.
Remember, this counts as your daily water intake,
which should be   1/2 of your body weight in ounces, at the rate of 4+ ounces per 1/2 hour.

Red cabbage juice is excellent for blood cleansing in a detox program. It is commonly used in so called  "weight loss juicing"  recipes.  To create a juice that is  palatable you’ll need to provide it a little help with some complimentary ingredients.  Also because red cabbage does not yield much  juice you need to help push through the cabbage juice goodness with more juice producing vegetables. In keeping with the theme of this recipe we are sticking with red veggies:
RECIPE MAKES ENOUGH for (2) meal replacement Meals, if a water is added to dilute the TANGY TANGERINE. You will need to experiment for yourself and add enough water to desired taste¼ – ½ Head Red Cabbage
¼ – ½ Red Beet ( depending on how large the beet is)
2 scoops of TANGY TANGERINE* (regardless of your weight- but you may count it as part of your daily dose)
1 cucumber
¼ lemon
(2) capful of Majestic Liquid Mineral

Yes I know the “lemon” is not red but it helps to take some of the bite off of the red cabbage and offsets some of the sweetness of the beet.  If this juice still ends up being too sweet, add more water  or cucumber, to mellow out the juice.

Instructions: Start by juicing the cabbage first so the other  ingredients can help push all the cabbage juice through. Follow with the  red beet and  and cucumber. Finish it off with a squeeze of the lemon or you can peel it at put a few slices through the juicer.

My Nutritional supplies
This is like my pharmacy. Many of you know that I owned a health food store in Hempstead, NY, so between vitamins, fresh herbs that I store in mason jars,  my juicers (I have several left over from the vegetarian Cafe we operated) and my standby of Super Colon Cleanse fiber,  I really have no need for pharmaceuticals. Rarely will you  find a bottle of aspirin

*TANGY TANGERINE- A great tasting powdered multiple vitamin |mineral formula, by Youngevity
You may order it wholesale thru your own account, if you are a SERENITY TEAM member,  or establish a new account @ http://serenityweightloss.my90forlife.com/ Click "JOIN".  Request a "Welcome kit" for a 1x fee of $10.00. You can request the free "lite"  site. For assistance, join our FB group @https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSerenityChallenge/

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Before sprinkling with my yummy CHIA seed. 
I like to chew on a small piece of the stem.... just a little 

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