SERENITY's Mean Green Detox Smoothie RECIPE

SERENITY's Mean Green (and purple) Detox Smoothies  

may be used as a meal replacement, but only if the TANGY TANGERINE is added, which includes amino acids (protein) . This is not the same as adding protein powders, 
which lack sufficient  minerals.

Remember, all meals must contain a veggie and a protein,
 to be considered a complete meal, including breakfast.

1. Commonly done, but fruit is not to be juiced with veggies, except lime, lemons and an occasional wedge of green apple, for the pectin. These items actually improve digestion. 
OK, so then why does everyone add fruit,  juice bars, Cafe's , 
manufacturers even the Juice man?
 Because most people do not really like veggies and because it sells!

2. This means that although we permit blueberries as a snack as part of the PALEO lifestyle that we all practice,  you would not add blueberries to your veggie smoothies.

3.Use the Meal Replacement Smoothie for the 2nd meal of the day (never breakfast) or  3 p.m. mini meal then the 9 p.m. mini meal. Never use veggie smoothies  for 2 consecutive meals, unless following the  liquid FAST Plan B, which is 2 full days per week of just liquid meals 
(your coach will advise)

4. Start with a base of:  20-24 oz of liquid

5. Remember the 60% | 40% Rule
60 % Fresh veggie juice, diluted with 40% water (because you will be adding stuff)
 Veggie juice ratio is 60% (green juices)  and 40% (colored veggies: beets, tomato, carrots) 
Yes, you may juice onions and garlic!

6. ADD  Minerals, Vitamins  and PROTEIN
(2) scoops of TANGY TANGERINE 
(multiple vitamin and mineral formula) 
per 24 oz
 or (1) scoop per veggie smoothie, if following  the liquid meal plan

7For EXTRA ENERGY consider

(1) scoop 
Get N' GO Energy Powder
Just ask Sister Hope of NY!
in the 1st shakes of the day
Do not take after 3 p.m.. Yo will be up all night

8. Add Additional Minerals

(1) Scoop of 
Super Green Food
per smoothie

Add more minerals, in pure liquid form, 
for good  absorption

(1) Capful 
of Majestic Earth Minerals 
per smoothie

Your body needs 60 minerals daily, 16  vitamins, 12 amino acids, (3)  essential fatty acids. 
Notice 60 of the 90+ daily required nutrient is minerals.
Never hear of this? That is why your free website address with Youngevity is
Unfortunately , because  even our veggies are missing important vitamins and minerals, we boost the antioxidants by adding a green super food. 
Spirulina, Wheat grass, Alfalfa, are  all individual examples. 

It is best to use a  complete super green food formula .  Most powdered green foods are pretty GOD awful and liquid Minerals even worse. Some liquid minerals I could not even swallow, so now you know that's bad! We have had the most success with these out of all the products we have used in the program over our 22 years in business. 
They  taste the best and they are excellent formulas

Why are we adding so many minerals?
Because Obesity is a  Vitamin and primarily Mineral Deficiency Disease

9. Add some extra natural food fiber (not your colon cleanse LOL)

(1-2) teaspoons 
per SMOOTHIE of 


(1-2) teaspoons 

Other stuff (you will know if you were told to take this): 
Calcium ( Osteo Fx )
(liquid calcium|magnesium)
(usual dose (1) capful per 100 lbs

Dr. Peter Glidden:  Minerals and Diabetes

Don't have a clue what we are talking ABOUT? 
It could be  because these instructions are for current enrollees.

90% release 10+ lbs during the first 14 days
We will contact you by close of business
or call (404) 447- 8579 

Attention current enrollees:
Invite your friends to juice with you. 
You may share this blog with your friends and they can purchase their supplies from 
YOUR back office. 

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