Weight Loss Secrets: TRYTOPHAN can unknowingly slow things down

Tryptophan: What Does It Do?

 We love our turkey slices 
They are a quick, nice break from chicken and sometimes,  over-priced fish.
Serenity uses them primarily to make  complete protein finger meals like the wonderful wraps, shown below. This is important, because we eat on average 6, but no less than 5 mini , complete meals per day. Quick meals like turkey wraps are a healthy way to ensure that we do not skip our meals.

However, turkey contains the amino acid TRYTOPHAN. If trytophan causes relaxation and sleepiness, that means it also slows metabolism. 
YIKES..not good news in weight loss!

 enjoy this low cost, smart alternative to clean, PALEO eating, but go easy

Ways to dial it back:
1. Avoid having  2 consecutive meals , consisting of turkey slices
2. Never more than 2 turkey  meals per day

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