LIVER CLEANSING USING COFFEE ENEMAS: Serenity's Simple Instruction Guide

Where's the best place for that Bean?
Why up your butt of course!  Excellent for cancer, auto-immune system  and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes  female hormonal problems, severe fatigue,  chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia and severe detox symptoms while going through a healing  and detox withdrawal symptoms

Recommended time: 2-4 consecutive evenings

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez
on the use of Coffee Enemas 

 from Serenity Detox Manual

This is a great brand, available directly from Youngevity
Item # YBTC000012
$9.00 per 12 oz pack

An excellent  South American organic coffee, 
@ an excellent  price 
where  the proceeds are donated to charity

Video: Courtesy of the GERSON INSTITUTE

Step #1: 
Start with 12-16 ounces 
of dark or medium roasted coffee beans 

You may  use the blender to grind the coffee beans. 
Set  your blender on "Grind" if you have that setting, or using a  
speed of eight or nine if you do not and adding small amounts of beans gradually. 

You just grind up a few until they get as fines as they're going to get, stop, add a few more, and repeat the process until you have 12-16 ounces (2 cups is best)

Step #2: 
Place 32 ounces of water in a dutch oven-the size pot, 
as if you were making spaghetti.  
BOIL the coffee for  3 minutes, while stirring
then simmer  for 20 minutes
Add more water to bring total  coffee 
"concentrate" back up to 32 oz (about 2 liters )

* Note: Tap water is no big deal  
The organic coffee is more important

Step #3: 
 Pour through a colander  to sift the coffee water into a container, 
Mason jar  or back in the pot for storage. Then follow 
"Enema Preparation on "page 3 below"

Step #4:
This is a copy of our old instructions from previous manuals. It is included because some have found it easier to follow and the section on "Enema preparation", items 3 1-4 is still relevant

Enema bottle
Available @, Eckert drug stores, Walmart Super Stores 


 Item # 13215

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