A PALEO Restaurant in NYC? Awesome

I dropped everything as soon as I got the "WORD"  from Rev. Dr. Pearl Glasgow of Brooklyn,  NY via text to say that she was sitting in a PALEO restaurant on 5th Avenue, in NYC  (OK, on the Greenwhich Village side, but who cares what end, right? LOL) . 

As a native New Yorker, of course I am biased. I have been living in Atlanta for the past 14 years and have loved seeing more green than concrete. I am a naturalist @ heart and at one time even lived in a  large cabin in the woods. Never mind that a beautiful supermarket was almost within walking distance and WalMart, even closer. I am also basically vegetarian, consuming only  wild caught fish; no dairy, grains, sugar or other forms of flesh. Now to all of you vegetarians, vegans and raw foodies, I know what you are thinking:  A restaurant serving primarily meat? First, the PALEO lifestyle is much more than meat. However, one thing for sure. As a prior owner of SERENNITY CAFE, the vegatrian restaurant and juice bar that I opened with my husband, we can forget the mission to convert the world.  Forget it guys.  I recognized long ago that the world is never going to convert to veganism or the  raw food diet espoused by  "THE CHINA STUDY" Further,  maybe they shouldn't. The soil quality  cannot sustain  that lifestyle any longer Moreover,  people are simply not going to do it, so why waste your breathe. However, a return to nature is definitely in order. And, Cavemen were really, really  close to nature, wouldn't  you agree??!!  I love nature too, and this would be my ideal house. In fact I literally lived in a large cabin in the woods for several years. Thus it was easy for me to incorporate the PALEO lifestyle into the Serenity program when we started in 1992.

The PALEOLITHIC LIFETYLE (or Garden of Eden or Cave Man)  eating  is the lifestyle to follow if you want to keep the weight off and stay healthy and strong. We also believe, along with  purging the body of toxins (DETOX, taking the trash out periodically) and REPAIR (supplementing with  liquid vitamins and minerals). It is this TRINITY  approach to wellness used in combination,  that makes us so successful


Never heard of PALEO eating?  This is the way slender (affluent)  people eat and that's the truth!!!!! THEY, stopped eating the way YOU were eatiing, long time ago. Why else would there be PALEO restaurants in NYC on 5th Avenue?

Don't forget to get instruction on the PALEO lifestyle. Why? Because even this fantastic menu includes  some non-PALEO recipes.  Don't forget to visit the SERENITY CAFE @ Serenity's PALEO Cafe Recipe board

Famous people who are practicing the PALEO lifetysle 

CHALLENGE:  Let's start  a PALEO restaurant guide for all of our team members around the country. Hey Canadians..you too. WE have a few of you up there. 

Just add your PALEO resturant  listing to this blogpost or send your secret PALEO spot to me  @ fatloss99@aol.com

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Michelle Edmonds
Nutritional Coach

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