The UGLY BLACK FEMALE on "Being Mary Jane"

The UGLY BLACK FEMALE on "Being Mary Jane"

THE UGLY BLACK FEMALE?..... Since I am a black female and a counseling psychologist by training, it seems only fitting that we should  take this on.

On the most recent episode of "Being MaryJane" she gets promoted because she revisits the real article entitled "THE UGLY BLACK WOMEN" written by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa (Japanese born, residing in the UK) I admit I had not heard about the article before now. It is my hope that merely the name of this article will give new meaning to yet another unflattering concept: the "ANGRY BLACK WOMEN", on which I have spoken many times (The Weight of Anger) Perhaps now ya'll can better understand the origin of some of this anger; it is real and much of it justified. 

Who else is the recipient of such unflattering journalism? Who defends Black Women? Our White sisters? Black men, will you give us a hand? Maybe you can be just a little kinder and compassionate in your actions too?! Surely, it must now be clear why so many black women carry a SEETHING ANGER just below the surface. (BTW: It manifests as being overweight and obese; another unflattering, but this time accurate challenge (see .

While the original article has since been removed from cyberspace; I nevertheless found copies of the apology, shown at this link:
I am wondering: Does the term "Angry Black Women " resonate to all of you now? What say ye about this terrible emotional abuse perpetuated on Black Women everywhere?

I am making this public statement: I WILL NOT BE "SEEN AND NOT HEARD". I will NOT be silenced.  I will  surely never allow myself to feel insulted by an UGLY JAPANESE man, with an African sounding surname!! Thank you to the beautiful, Gabrielle Union for the excellent "journalism" !

On The Angry Black Women
Dr. Satoshi KanazawaDr. Satoshi Kanazawa

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