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Do you feel run down and tired? Magnesium deficiency could be the problem…
Here’s why:
From the simplest single celled organisms to human beings, magnesium is required for life and is the catalyst that allows the body to function optimally. It is so powerfully charged with energy, that it is literally the spark of life and one of the best examples of an energy nutrient.
Magnesium is the key to unlocking hundreds of enzymatic reactions throughout the body and affects almost every single biological system. It activates the enzymes that control digestion, and the utilization of the food you consume. It also plays a key role in perhaps one of the most important enzymatic reactions, the creation of energy by activating ATP; the storage molecule of the body and the fuel that drives each and every cell.url
It is a fundamental truth that magnesium is required for the body to produce and store life sustaining energy. This means that when there is an abundance of this life supporting mineral, all of the body’s systems are primed to function at their peak. If there is a magnesium deficiency imagine what happens.
Electrically Supercharged: Magnesium & the Nervous System
Among the broad range of systems affected by magnesium, the most significant is the nervous system. When a person feels run down and lacking energy it’s common for them to say, “My nerves are shot”. But the nervous system is run entirely on electricity and rather than being shot, the reality is that it is weakened by the lack of magnesium reserves that support the electrical flow of this system. To add to this problem, our modern diet, full of fat and sugar, actually deplete our energy.
To counteract this effect, many people look to caffeine and other stimulants to help pick them up. While these chemicals may offer a quick fix and a burst of energy, they eventually lead to the inevitable crash.
This constant roller coaster of highs and lows forces our adrenal glands to be in a constant state of production, which in turn leads to further magnesium depletion and decreased energy.
Proper magnesium levels in the body will supply constant and even energy which allow people to thrive and flourish in today’s fast paced society. The electric potential of magnesium is massive, and the amount of energy required to run the nervous system is only available from magnesium. Magnesium is what fuels your body’s internal battery and without it your energy levels will sputter along until the next coffee run or other quick fix.
Magnesium is not a quick fix. 
It is the foundational spark of life in your body that allows you to keep going. Magnesium is your body’s true energy source.
Finding The Good Stuff: How to Get Magnesium Supplementation
Magnesium Supplementation has not always been very easy. Traditionally, magnesium supplementation was provided by the use of large, hard to swallow, pills. While these pills were cheap, they were difficult to digest and absorb, and left a tremendous amount of unusable magnesium for the kidneys and liver to process and excrete.
All of this resulted in hardly any increase in the body’s magnesium levels and in many cases proved to be detrimental to kidney and liver function, due to the increased work load.
In the last decade, powdered magnesium has become popular. They allow for better absorption, but for many people, this quick absorption causes a laxative effect that ironically results in further magnesium loss. Magnesium should be properly balanced with one of its main co-factors, calcium. Since calcium is actually constipating,  nature in it's wisdom has worked it out for us, making the mild laxative effect of magnesium tolerable against the mild binding effect of calcium. 
The other option for magnesium supplementation is the use of injections or IV solutions. However, these are generally only used in critical care or life-threatening situations. While they are extremely effective at increasing magnesium levels, they usually must be given under a doctor’s care and supervision.

Serenity uses Youngevity's OSTEO-Fx-liquid calcium formula, formulated by Dr. Joel Wallach. This product is taken in doses based on body weight, typically 1 capful, per 100 lbs, once or twice per day. The magnesium in this formula  is  balanced against other important co-factors, such as Vitamin D3 , Boron and Copper, ensuring efficient absorption. 

Osteo FX Plus - formulated to help support healthy bones and joints and contains the co-factors necessary to help your body better absorb and retain calcium - nutrition facts

Here Is A List Of Common Symptoms Indicating 'Magnesium Deficiency'

Symptoms of Magnesium DeficiencyNeverSometimesOftenAll The Time
Being Irritable or Anxious
Feeling Lethargic or Run Down
Having Short Term Memory Gaps
Less Cognitive Function Than Normal
Poor Digestion
Occasional Muscular Weakness
Annoying Muscle Spasms
Painful Muscle Cramps
Periodic Muscle Twitching
Often Tired After A Meal
Unable to Get Into A Deep Sleep
Symptoms of Magnesium DeficiencyNeverSometimesOftenAll The Time
Irregular Heart Beat
Easily Depressed
Getting Migraines or Cluster Headaches
Low Bone Density Issues
If you are a Woman - Painful Menstrual Cramps
If you are a Pregnant Woman - Morning Sickness
Chest Pain Or Signs Of Angina
High Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Breathing Difficulties or Asthma

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