Juicing For Weight Loss and Detox-RED CABBAGE JUICE RECIPE

Posted by Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed.
Sr. Nutritionist|Author|
May 20, 2013

Red cabbage juice is excellent for blood cleansing in a detox program. It is commonly used in so called  "weight loss juicing"  recipes.  To create a juice that is  palatable you’ll need to provide it a little help with some complimentary ingredients.  Also because red cabbage does not yield much  juice you need to help push through the cabbage juice goodness with more juice producing vegetables. In keeping with the theme of this recipe we are sticking with red veggies:

¼ – ½ Head Red Cabbage
¼ – ½ Red Beet ( depending on how large the beet is)
2 scoops of TANGY TANGERINE* (regardless of your weight- but you may count it as part of your daily dose)
½ cucumber
¼ lemon

Yes I know the “lemon” is not red but it helps to take some of the bite off of the red cabbage and offsets some of the sweetness of the beet.  If this juice still ends up being too sweet, add more water  or cucumber, to mellow out the juice.

Instructions: Start by juicing the cabbage first so the other  ingredients can help push all the cabbage juice through. Follow with the  red beet and  and cucumber. Finish it off with a squeeze of the lemon or you can peel it at put a few slices through the juicer.

*TANGY TANGERINE- A great tasting powdered multiple vitamin |mineral formula, by Youngevity
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