Dated: April 11, 2015

GM Team:
If you are confused, it could be because you are NOT juicing, for whatever reason. It is challenging to understand the red juicing, when you have not even started the green juicing!  Then,  there are the days when you  simply don't have time to make the juice, even though you understand and have the proper equipment!!  (we are no longer using the power blenders; creates too much pulp and causes weight gain) However, any of these glitches  can make you wonder what to do, because the SPRING CLEANSE program is structured  around the juicing. Instead, omit juicing and simply eat solid food (veggie and protein). Finally, the Spring Cleanse juice recipes are different from the juice recipes that we used during the SPIRITUAL FAST that the team did  in January.

#​1​ Here is the link again from Monday 
​Schedule an encore class. We will cover the entire program​, not just red juicing

#​2: Any day that you do NOT juice, ​increase the MATCHA green tea
Have 2-3 hot cups, per day MATCHA is a fat burner ​ and continue this tea throughout your entire SPRING CLEANSE. For ordering:

WalMArt superstores also carry a MATCHA green tea powder 
Do not buy MATCHA green tea Latte's, which are loaded with cane sugar.

 #​3Option: Along with ​an 8 oz cup of hot MATCHA tea, you may always use Castor oil tonics alone, w/ no veggie juice.( attached)
Drink "straight up"​, but not on the rocks lol 
Drink in the P.M. ONLY before or after after fiber

PRIORITY ITEMS FOR THE ENTIRE SPRING CLEANSE TOTAL of 10 weeks (full body part is 6-8 weeks)
  • MATCHA green tea powder-CORE ITEM
  • NUTRITION (see below)
  • Super Colon Cleanse (fiber)
ORDER THESE ITEMS from YOUR OWN WEBSITE. Send a text to your coach if you forgot or never knew ,your URL
The TANGY is the priority item in this batch, but the POLLEN BURST is the most popular

B12|ENERGY|Curbs Appetite
Gushing Grape
Item #: PJ600

#4 Everyone starting the program BEFORE March 15, may introduce Lean pork and red meat. Please do NOT include the other  items from this BLUE SHEET yet
All those  starting after March 15,  continue WHITE SHEET EATING (see below)

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