DETOX TEAS for the Immune System

(Flu, cold and other nasty germs!) 

Team:  With the Ebola scare, it would be wisdom to know the strongest antibiotic herbs and to have a  batch of tea already made, on hand. While we do not panic, it is noteworthy that the primary screening mechanism for Ebola is a simple thermometer reading. Here's the problem

   According to the Centers for Disease Control,  the symptoms of Ebola 
 (which show up 2 to 21 days after infection usually include):
High fever.


Joint and muscle aches.

Sore throat.
Stomach pain.
Lack of appetite

These symptoms also match a bad cold or the flu. What I anticipate is that co-workers and associates will be very squirmey if they see any of the above symptoms and therein lies the problem. We do not know the implications on holiday travel if you simply have a fever, even if caused by a thyroid condition or menopause! While we are not alarmists and always walk by faith, it would be prudent to walk and act with wisdom.  Goldenseal is so effective that it is used by drug addicts to remove traces of drug use from their system, so that they can pass a urine test. If a drug addict can know herbs this well, surely we can use them to protect ourselves during times like these.

Order what you can, when you can, but before "FLU season" really hits. The following is my formula that I take, according the following schedule: 

(For Maintenance) : 
1 8 oz hot cup daily, every day for 14 days continuously, with 7  day breaks

Everyone around you is sneezing, complaining of fever, bad cold or the flu
INCREASE to (1) cup 2x's day~ @ anytime, with 7 day breaks; return to Maintenance dose when things quiet down

You have a sore throat and|or appear to have a fever
USE (1) 3x's day througout the day 

Echinacea Austofolia
Root~cut and sifted

Order 4 ~ 8 ounces at a time

As always, try local first. 
Use Augustofolia form (NOT  Purpera)


In a large pot, the size for boiling spaghetti, add 32 oz and bring to a boil, then add 
2  oz of golden powder
(4) oz of ECHINACEA AUGUSTOFOLIA root (cut and sifted)
Turn heat to a minimum and simmer for 20 minutes. Cover and store

SPECIAL NOTE: Add back in (8) oz of fresh water each time you remove a cup of tea. This pot will last about 20 days and with your 7 day breaks, that means  you would need to make a fresh batch  only  once about every 30 days

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