SUMMARY of the MEGA BOOT CAMP ~ October 5, 2014-

Hi Team

This grid will help you:  

1. Select the right PRODUCTS  for your budget and ,
2. Select the right program for your age  for the  FALL DETOX juicing program

​Send a text to your coach @ 404 934 5514 if you forgot the or never knew the URL address to 
 your FREE personalized wholesale website, that has been set-up for you. 

Recording from the call: A team member is declared healed of diabetes (and  HBP) , by her MD, despite previously having glucose readings over 400.

​ITEM PJ 600
GRAPE IS A NEW FLAVOR and is the only one that comes in a cannister
It is also the least expenisve. Pollen Burst is the main B12 item,  appetitie suppressant, along with energy enhancer. Too good to leave off this list. It contains GREEN TEA

​IF YOU ARE OVER 50, you are really going to  appreciate the RENU I Q in your Smoothie.

It is truly a brain food, that improves  clarity of thinking​. Are you over 50? Quit lying... LOL

See Renu IQ ingredient label below. Notice the very high Vitamin D and B12 , which is 4,167 RDA!

See this related blog link, for pictures of the other products

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