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Michelle Edmonds
Team Leader|Author|Sr. Nutritionist
Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program
Originally posted 10/2/2013

There are many ways to quit an endeavor. Very rarely do adults  say "I quit". The adult ego is big and will not allow it. In that sense, children are more authentic. When they get angry they tell you so, yell "I quit" and pick up  their marbles and go home. For adults, qutting is much more subtle.  Quitting is a serious subject that affects all areas of one's life, not just weight loss.

The following lists the momre creative, subtle methods of quitting, used by adults. Look at this list to see how good you are with finding a way out, without ever saying "I quit" or even goodbye. 

____Attract drama.....see "Law of Attraction"- stuff happens to everyone, but when it happens as you are about to achieve a major goal, then that is what we will call a  PSYCHOLOGICAL  EXIT DOOR. Examples of the LAW of ATTRACTION in operation in weight loss: Broken scale, the morning of weigh-in,  or you begin the program with a broke scale, creating confusion and doubt; medical drama in the family (with friends, co-workers, heck anyone) caused you to overeat (who can blame you, right?) 

___Don't respond to text messages or emails. Notice you still have not said "I QUIT". Instead, you give the impression that you are just too busy  to respond or that your job is not allowing cell phone use. Some of you post on FB during the work day, while not answering  text messages from your coach! 

___No money, you say! This is a good one, because at first, no one but you really knows. Who can dispute this? Except, about 90% of the time,  a  vacation or cruise will follow or has recently occurred. We have seen this happen over and over again.

____You repeatedly let the clock run out. While enrolled, you burn time...miss meetings, gain weight, loose weight, then gain weight, then miss weigh-ins altogether. As time draws near to reenroll, you don't or can't. This is tantamount to putting quarters  in the meter, while sitting in the car. You  never leave the car, or do anything YOU JUST SIT.....burning time. It is almost as if  you are waiting for the next election or for the quarters to run out. Seemingly unaware that cheating and prolonging your weight loss journey actually costs you money, you also complain that you have run out of money, when reenrollment time draws near or when it is time to purchase products. Then, you conveniently use the fact that you do not have your products as the reason why the program is not working for YOU. Notice,  once again, you never said "I quit", but you actually made you EXIT a while ago.

___ Allowing your enrollment to lapse, creating uncertainty and confusion. It's ok if you DECIDE not to continue. However, you have made it an  EXIT DOOR, when you know it has expired and you say nothing to your coach, nor do you pay  your enrollment.

___You create a "It's not working for me scenario"decide that you cannot or simply DO NOT  take the Super Colon Cleanse, therefore, you have built in a reason why your weight is not coming off.... EXIT!

____Creating  confusion......most often drama with your coach or some kind of disagreement on a principal. This DEFLECTS off of you and it is an EXIT door from being accountable. 

____Creating sickness or disease in yourself. Yes..I said "create". It does not mean that the Flu or your  most recent illness  is not real, but it does mean that you have given yourself a reason not to follow the program once again and it protects you from critique,  for not following think!  The problem is, nearly 100% of the time, a team member who is sick actually GAINS  weight. Yet in theory, I think you would agree, a sick person would be expected to lose weight. 

____Remaining quiet or isolated, even when attending the weekly team calls. That way, when you SLIP or QUIT, maybe.... just maybe, no on will notice. Can't miss, what you've never seen or heard! EXITY!


____Enrolling for 60 days, with a 14 day vacation scheduled to start   on Day #18. When you return from vacation, you spend the rest of your program time promising that you will regain your momentum. No one can say anything, because after all, the vacation was planned well in advance.  EXIT!

There are many ways to "create" an EXIT DOOR, but I  can't cover them all.... my time has run out! BYE.


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